Declaration of Free Citizens

We, the Undersigned, urge all our compatriots to join us in proclaiming the following:

1. Not only we want to see Article 4 of the current Constitution abolished, we also want to organize a Constitutional Conference in order to draft a new Constitution that truly reflects the aspirations of all the Vietnamese people and not the aspirations of the Communist Party (unlike the current Constitution).

2. We support a pluralistic, multipartite system that fosters healthy competition in bringing freedom, democracy, peace and progress to the Vietnamese people; so that no party can seize power in order to impose its rule on our people.

3. Not only we support the establishment of a government with three independent branches, we also want a decentralized system that respects regional and local rule, encourages strong local government, abolishes national organizations that are typically costly to maintain, corrupt, and harmful to our people’s solidarity, trust and will.

  1. We support the depoliticization of the armed forces. Our military’s mission is to protect the people, defend the nation and guard its borders.  The armed forces must not side with any group or political party.
  2. We assert the right to make the above statements and declare that all the other Vietnamese have the same rights. We want to make clear that we are exercising basic human rights, including freedoms of speech and thought. Any newborn can claim these rights that have been recognized and valued by the Vietnamese people. The Communist Party has no authority in terms of abolishing or limiting such rights because the Party has not given them out to our citizens. As such, we consider any judgmental statements that the Party or its agents direct at us insulting. In addition, we view those who oppose such rights as reactionary elements bent on going against their own people’s interest and mankind’s progress.

Please join us in making this DECLARATION Of FREE CITIZENS an unifying theme for millions of Vietnamese hearts and minds. Please add your voice by communicating your wish to sign the declaration to

February 28, 2013

In accordance with Mr. Nguyen Dac Kien’s wish:

The words “rallying behind Journalist Nguyen Dac Kien” made me uneasy when I signed this declaration. I will send you a request for deleting the words. I only want to be one of the thousands, millions who will sign. I believe that each of us should sign for his own sake and the sake of his descendants, and to honor the memory of his ancestors. All of you, no matter where you live (in Vietnam or abroad), whatever your current nationality, please sign this Declaration of Free Citizens.

To those who already signed and those who are about to do so, please allow us to change the introduction from:

We, the initial signers of this document, rallying behind Journalist Nguyễn Đắc Kiên. urge all our compatriots to join us in proclaiming…


We, the initial signers of this document, urge all our compatriots to join us in proclaiming…

The initial signers

Translated by: Tiếng Nói Công Dân

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